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Dorks Design Management

Everything you can imagine, we make it happen. We are a team of creative visionaires, who know how to transform dreams into reality, and who use their knowledge, experience and know-how to make your business thrive and keep up with the ongoing changes of the society.

We cover three types of expertise in our company: branding, packaging and animation, and we make sure we treat each client and each project with attention, respect and personal input. By combining strategy, design and management skills, we grow our clients’ brand image and correlate it with the “here and now”.

This is our mission we focus on every day. Thus, we aim to build long lasting, strong partnerships with the brands we work with, and we love to watch them grow over time into what they have always desired. Our ultimate vision is to create innovative image solutions for our clients, by combining research, creative thinking and a fundamental understanding of the brand.

Young, fresh, bright, fun to work with and limitless in ideas, we are always ready for a new challenge and each project we take on comes with our guarantee that you won’t find the same professionalism and enthusiasm anywhere else.

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Dorks Design Management

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